We (obviously) get introduced to the main characters-Day and June. Day is a criminal and on the other hand, June is a cherished soldier of the Republic.

North America is divided into two parts, the Republic and the Colonies, and there is an ongoing war between the two since so long that the public has forgotten why the war was waged in the first place.

Due to some circumstances, Day’s and June’s paths meet and it’s basically their story. But it’s not a love story. There are so may other factors that I  cannot even begin to describe here. The starting may seem a little slow but come on, it’s our introduction to a new world and their characters.

So Day is a wanted criminal. He has never hurt anybody but is “wanted” for the mere reason that the Republic does not know what he looks like and they want him captured immediately. Day’s family is hit by the plague and he is desperate for some plague medicine. He decides to steal some from a hospital and while escaping, he injures a Captain of the Republic. This man, Metias, is June’s brother, who is declared dead due to Day’s actions. And now, June decides to take revenge.

June joins the army and somehow manages to capture Day. But she soon realises that Day isn’t the one who is dangerous. In the end, she helps him escape from prison, which makes her a traitor and Day, an even bigger risk than what the Republic had anticipated in the first place.

My thoughts about this book –

I’ve picked up this book twice before so I knew how it started off. I found this book a little predictable but I liked the writing style. I loved the dual perspective and that Day’s and June’s chapters had a different font and colour, to distinguish them from each other. In short, I liked this book and I was excited about reading its sequel.

Check out the Goodreads page right here–


Enjoy, guys.


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