The final book of the Legend series had me so damn anxious to know what happens next.

So, this book starts with Day kind of breaking up with June because of the fact that he’s dying and he doesn’t want to hurt her, which is heartbreaking, to say the least. June is unaware of Day’s condition and now works for the Republic.

But a few months down the road, the peace treaty between the Republic and the Colonies comes to an abrupt halt due to some unforeseen circumstances, which compels June to reenter Day’s life and save the country from mass destruction.

There were a few plot twists and fact reveals that I could not even have imagined, but come on, I think that’s an author’s job, right? To keep the readers anticipating what happens next.

That’s it, that’s the entire book. Two teenagers saving a country.

But the ending! Oh God! I felt as if Miss Marie Lu blew my heart to pieces. Literally! Suffice to say, I was NOT happy with the ending. I mean, is asking for an epilogue, a happy one, too much?

Apart from that, I enjoyed the book immensely and was kind of satisfied with the way it ended.

Check out the Goodreads page right here-

Enjoy, guys.


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