This book was so sweet and brave and incredibly heartbreaking.

There is this girl, Madeline, who has a disease which makes her allergic to basically anything and everything. She lives with her mom in a very controlled, purified and decontaminated house, where her nurse, Carla, visits every day. Anything can be her trigger.

Then, a family moves next door, a family of four – mom, dad, son and daughter. She is kind with the son, Olly, who wears all black all day every day.

How Olly and Maddy move from stranger neighbours to text friends to finally, fall in love.

Maddy convinces Carla to let Olly visit, and after some protests, she relents. All this while, Maddy and her mother are drifting apart. Maddy spent a lot of time with her mother playing games and watching movies but now, she spent a majority of her time texting Olly.

Maddy realises that she wants to live and not just exists, so she runs away from home. Well, she runs to Olly and convinces him to come with her to Hawaii. She convinces him that she is fine and also assures him that she has her “pills”.

Maddy enjoys each and every part of the journey and after reaching there wants to do everything all at once.

They have a lot of fun and it is here that they confess their feelings fo one-another.

But then Maddy wakes in cold sweat and feels that she is very very sick. Olly rushes her to the hospital and calls her mom.

After being released from the hospital, her mother takes her home. Maddy distances herself from Olly after realising that she does not and cannot fit in his world.

After some time, she receives a report from the doctor who treated her in Hawaii, saying that she thinks that she does not have the disease. Maddy takes this up with her mother, but her mom vehemently denies and tells her not to get her hopes up.

But somewhere, Maddy is suspicious so she sneaks into her mother’s office to look for her medical papers but finds no report or proof confirming that she is, indeed, sick. She confronts her mom and finds out that she really is not sick.

Furious with her mother, she seeks a second opinion, which confirms that she is a healthy person. She finally leaves home and finds Olly.

Such a beautiful book. I finished it in one sitting. How about you guys? Let me know your thoughts maybe?

Check out the Goodreads page right here–

Enjoy, guys.



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