As soon as I completed Cinder, I thought of writing about it and expressing my feelings. And I would have done just that had I been able to stop myself from reading Scarlet right after completing Cinder, and then Cress and then Winter and then all the novellas.

So then I thought, why not do a series review itself? And, here it is.

The first book I thought was a little slow but then that was expected because of the intense amount of world making that was happening. But none the less, I adored Cinder and Kai and I loved Cinder’s character.

The second book! Oh my God! I loved Scarlet and I loved Wolf! And then that plot twister just came out of freaking nowhere and hit me in the face, like BAM! Guys, I think Scarlet and Wolf might be my favourite couple in the entire series. I don’t know, I’m a sucker for a guy fighting against his very (scientifically modified) nature to be with his girl!

In the third book, we have Cress and Thorne. I came to love and adore Thorne’s endearing qualities but I felt a little bad for Cress. Locked away in that spaceship of hers for so long. And irrevocably in love with Thorne before even meeting him. But I loved how she adapted to the drastic changes happening and it was lovely to see Thorne finally falling for a girl and actually trying to be the man she deserved!

Hah, Winter! I was kind of intimidated by the sheer size of that book and that does not normally happen to me. But I was anxious to reunite with the characters. It was very very interesting to see the characters plan a rebellion. But reading the first half took up way much more time than compared to the second half. And I don’t even know why. I really enjoyed seeing Winter and Jacin together as well. A man who was so stoic and stern and emotionless with others falls for the sweet innocent princess. Classic.

The novellas! I loved them! I am not even going to say anything else about them! I loved Scarlet’s and Wolf’s wedding!

If you haven’t already gathered, I LOVED THIS SERIES!

Check out the Goodreads page right here–

I was wondering what to read next so would you guys mind giving me some suggestions?

Enjoy, guys.





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