Hey guys! I’m back. Let’s get straight down to it,then.

This book was so amazing! I admit I’ve heard mixed reviews about this one and while reading it, even I felt it wasn’t that great. But one thing I’ve noticed about Sarah J. Maas is that her writing builds up the reader for the many many plot twists coming ahead! I don’t normally read books oriented around planning a war, but this book does it so subtly and there are so many things going on apart from that, that I really really enjoyed it! 

I was not happy when Amren tricked Feyre into touching the couldron and definitely not happy when Amren decided to sacrifice herself. It was so sad and I felt heartbroken for Varian! And then Rhysand dies! My heart was blown to a million pieces by then! Thank god, Feyre was able to convince the other high lords to restore him!
And do not even get me started on Tamlin! I couldn’t understand whether to hate him or love him! First he goes and makes a stupid bargain with the King if Hybern! Then he allows them free passage through his territory! Then he gets all angry at Feyre for being Rhysand’s mate and wanting to go back to the Night Court! Then he apparently betrays them again! And then we get to know that he was acting as a spy for Prythian! And also helped in bring Rhysand back to life and wanted Feyre to just be happy! Talk about mixed signals, right?

I loved the book! I wasn’t happy when it ended. I want more. I need the rest of the series. I don’t normally start reading a series until it’s completely finished, but I just couldn’t control myself this time.

Anyway, check out the Goodreads page right here–https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23766634-a-court-of-wings-and-ruin?from_search=true

Enjoy, guys.

Also, could you give me some recommendations as to what to read next. I’m kinda confused.


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