Hi guys! So I picked up this book just because I had heard so many raving reviews about this series! And I cannot agree more with them!

So, in the beginning, we follow this girl, Karou, who seems like a pretty normal 17 year old studying art in Prague. She has blue hair, and tattoos. A  a lot of tattoos. And then, we are introduced to another part of her life. Her life in Elsewhere. 

She knocks on a door, waiting for it to open and transport her to Brimstone’s shop, where Issa, Kishmish, Brimstone himself and Twiga, are all part human, part some other creature. And they are all part of Karou’s family. 

She  regularly goes on mysterious errands for Brimstone, collecting teeth from all parts of the world, of all kinds of creatures. She wants to know what Brimstone does with them, but he never tells her. Oh and Brimstone deals in wishes. Like money, it comes in different denominations. I mean, how cool is that?!

At the same time she feels empty inside like she’s supposed to be doing something but she doesn’t know what river stone is very secretive about what he does and the other creatures don’t give up his secrets

Then one day black handprints start appearing on mysterious door ways. Hand prints that look like they have been burned into the wood.

We get a glimpse of an Angel responsible for making some of these hand prints. His orange eyes, eyes like they have a burning fire in them, and his uncommon beauty, making him stand out. He is a seraphim.

While on an errand for Brimstone, he catches sight of Karou. He is entranced by her, by her innocence. But when he gets to know that she works for Brimstone, he wonders how could a girl like her work for a devil like him.

Weak from all the wounds she received from fighting with the seraphim, Karou gets the opportunity to poke around the shop and she enters a restricted doorway. She finds herself in another world entirely, in a kind of a fortress. But then Brimstone discovers her, and throws her out of the shop. Without her coat, her phone, keys or anything. She manages to get into her flat somehow.

Some time later, she finds a burning Kishmish at her window, holding a burnt letter. And he dies in her arms! And she doesn’t know what the letter said. And then she finds out that all the handprint marked doors, portals, have been burt, including Brimstone’s shop. She tries knocking several times but nothing happens.

And then she starts on her journey to bring her family back. Then, the seraphim, Akiva, finds her. And then they fall in love. But more than that, their souls find each other and recognise each other. And then some secrets are unfolded and knock you on your butt. 

I loved this book! I love how fast-paced this book is, the family aspect with Brimstone and others, and there is also a friendship aspect. And we’re thrust into this new world without any introductions but it’s awesome! All in all, a must read!  

Check out the Goodreads page right here– https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/8490112-daughter-of-smoke-bone?from_search=true

Till next time, guys! 


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