24-30 July

I know I’m a little late, but this year I would love to participate in the booktube-a-thon reading challenge. I absolutely love book tube! Whenever I watch booktubers, I feel really inspired but I’ve never really gained enough courage to start a channel of my own. And also, I’ve been stuck in a reading slump. Again! I’m hoping this readathon helps me defeat my reading slump and get in the reading habit. So I thought why not, right? You Only Live Once! Let’s get on with it!

Challenge 1- Read a book with a person on the cover.


You would ask why. Well, because I really need to finish this series!

Challenge 2- Read a hyped book.


I really want to re-read this book because I feel like I’m in a place in my life that I will be able to understand and appreciate this book better.

Challenge 3- Read a book in one day.


This is another re-read for me. I loved this book the last time I read it and I would love to read it again!

Challenge 4- Read about a character different from you.


The main characters in this book are as different from me as possible. They are either angels or chimaera.

Challenge 5- Finish a book completely outside.

So technically, reading outside is not completely feasible where I live. But I am currently staying at my grandmothers’ house, so I plan to finish this book during the duration of my stay here.

Challenge 6- Read a book you bought because of the cover.


This cover is beautiful! In fact, every edition of this book has beautiful covers! And from the reviews that I’ve heard about this book, I think this will be a good opportunity to read it.

Challenge 7- Read seven books.

I personally do not think that I will be able to complete seven books, given that I’m late and all. So my challenge is going to be finishing these five books.

This post was inspired by Shannon Paige Waters at Captivate~by~Fantasy. She has an amazing blog! Do check it out!


Do feel free to join in! Enjoy guys!


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