Phew! Finally! This book took me so long to finish!

It took me a long time to actually get into this book. With the constant war counsels and my own not-reading mood really messed with my reading time, I tell you.

So in the last installment of this trilogy, Karou and Akiva unite the seraphim and chimaera to fight against a common enemy and rebuild an empire. Among other things, but that’s the gist of it.

In the beginning, Karou and Akiva wouldn’t even look at each other and I felt so sad for them, I mean, come on! How often do YOU see a love like that, huh?

I LOVED the writing. I mean, the way Laini Taylor just gives you something good during a chapter and then, the ending line comes. Oh God, everything was fine. Just fine. Until it wasn’t.

Karou and Akiva were amazing, as always. Do not even get me started on Zuzana and Mik! They were so adorable. Goals all the way! And so smart! The way Mik stole all those gavriels from Esther in his violin case! Wow!

But I just felt that the whole storyline with the Stelions was a little rushed. There was a point towards the end where I couldn’t understand what was going on, because it was just too fast, But perhaps, it was meant that way. To confuse people like me.

I absolutely loved the plot, the story-line, the plot twists, the characters, the realtionships! A must read and an incredible end to an amazing series. I loved every moment of it.

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Drop any suggestions or reviews or anything else you like in the comments, there’s nothing that I would love more!

Till next time. Enjoy, guys!



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